The power of direct-to-seller communications

Knowde is continuously launching new features designed to create greater engagement between the sellers and buyers who utilize our marketplace. Our newest feature is Producer Q&A – a dynamic tool that lets buyers and sellers ask and answer specific questions related to the companies, brands and products found on Knowde. Producer Q&A is more than a messaging or chat service. It gives buyers the power of direct-to-seller communications and enhances their ability to collaborate within their team.

Producer Q&A connects buyers and R&D professionals directly with suppliers

SAN JOSE, CA – NOVEMBER 4, 2020 – While the Coronavirus has shut down sales and technical teams and prevented chemical companies from engaging their customers, Knowde has created a 24/7 marketplace where buyers and R&D professionals can purchase what they need from suppliers worldwide. Knowde gives buyers the ability to search across hundreds of seller storefronts to find, compare, consider, sample and purchase products from the world’s largest collection of chemicals, ingredients and polymers, all in one place. With its unique Concierge service, Knowde also provides expert advice and guidance to buyers who have questions.

Today, Knowde is introducing a new feature designed to create even greater engagement between buyers and sellers: Knowde Producer Q&A.

This unique tool lets buyers and sellers ask and answer specific questions related to the brands and products found on Knowde. For example, if a product page has missing or unavailable data which a buyer needs to have before making key decisions, she or he will be able to send a private message directly to the producer. Buyers and R&D professionals will be able to save and organize responses and privately share information within their organization — creating greater collaboration. Buyers will also be able to protect proprietary projects by asking questions anonymously.

“With hundreds of producer storefronts and tens of thousands of products on Knowde, buyers now have virtually unlimited access to research and compare everything they need, right at their fingertips,” said Jeffery Reid, Chief Product Officer for Knowde. “And, if they have a specific question about any product they find, all they have to do is log onto their Knowde account and click Producer Q&A where they can post a confidential question for the producer’s eyes only.”

For the sellers who have storefronts on Knowde, Producer Q&A creates great value simply by building a higher level of customer engagement.

Dan Haas, Chief Customer Officer, noted, “The pandemic requires suppliers to find new and different ways to interact with customers. With Producer Q&A, suppliers can create engagement with current and prospective customers, nurture prospects into qualified leads and generate organic business growth by converting leads into sales.”

He added, “Today’s buyers want an excellent online experience. Producer Q&A lets them ask you questions directly about your brands, products and documents on your Knowde storefront. Your responses to these inquiries help them inform their buying decisions, while you gain opportunities to grow your business organically.”

If you’re a buyer or R&D professional and would like to sign up for your free Knowde account, click here to get started! Our Concierge team is available to help if you need any assistance.

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